2019 m. rugsėjo 11 d.

2019 m. rugpjūčio 29 d.

CFC "Cat"s Meow" International Cat Show

2019-08-24/25 Latvia

Moments from last weekend 😍🤩🏆
I want to thank the whole Cat’s Meow team for the super show, the good time and the super gifts 🤗🥰
Thanks to judges: 
A. Levina ❤️
Y. Yelena Lavrentyeva ❤️
Y. Lavrentyev ❤️
E. Borras ❤️

2019 m. birželio 10 d.

World Cat Show 2019-06-8/9

WCF World Cat Show ,Riga (Latvia) 

Rebeca Fluffy Lazy Bones 
Best Kitten in British Show 

2019 m. gegužės 28 d.

WCF BEST CAT,Magnificats, Arad 11th- 12th May 2019

WCH WCF Triple Master Hope Fluffy Lazy Bones <3 <3 <3

Olimpia Ring 2/67; Double Masterring 5/15; Triple Masterring 4; Diamond Ring 2/13

2019 m. balandžio 16 d.

Europe Continent Worldshow

Top Cat Final Hungary

Orosháza 13-14th April,2019